NAFTA works. Now, let’s make it work even better.

The Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition (TMTC) represents businesses and associations who are dedicated to fortifying the strong economic relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. Together, we are working to improve upon, strengthen, and modernize NAFTA and reinforce the importance of NAFTA on the economy, job creation, and our communities. By mobilizing business leaders from both sides of the border, TMTC will work with Congress and the Trump administration to ensure that Texas and Mexico continue to benefit from each other’s deep economic ties as we build NAFTA 2.0.

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Both Texas and Mexico have seen their economies grow since NAFTA went into effect in 1994. TMTC will advocate for a new NAFTA that incorporates recent technological advances and changes in certain sectors – without interrupting the $1.3 trillion in annual trade across the border.

With exports to Mexico representing 39% of Texas’s annual exports, Texas has the most to lose by the dismantling of NAFTA. That’s why Texas businesses, local communities and voters are standing up to support NAFTA. NAFTA works. It’s time to make it work better.

Join us to work with our leadership for a better NAFTA.

How is NAFTA working for Texas?


Trade between Texas and Mexico supports approximately 387,000 jobs in Texas and thousands of small businesses and manufacturers.


Mexico is Texas’s number one trading partner, and in 2015, Texas traded approximately $176.5 billion with Mexico.

Small Business

NAFTA not only benefits Texas and U.S. manufacturers and farmers, it’s also fueling small businesses, the backbone of our economy with more than 125,000 small and medium-size businesses selling their goods in Canada and Mexico in 2014.


Texas and U.S. consumers benefit significantly from the falling prices and often improved quality of goods created by import competition.

Sit at the NAFTA negotiating table.

Texas businesses, local communities and voters need to stand up to support NAFTA. By joining TMTC, you voice will be heard during critical NAFTA renegotiations as we work to secure and preserve the pro-business environment through a renewed, Texas-friendly NAFTA.

Your participation will help prevent the negative economic impact to your business due to the elimination of NAFTA or any unnecessary and negative changes to NAFTA.

Ensure your business grows locally, nationally, and globally by maintaining a stable and thriving economic relationship between Texas and Mexico. Join us.

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