WTAS: Support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

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Letter from 28 State Governors: “As governors, we support smart and strategic trade agreements that promote economic growth in our states and expand opportunities for our workers, farmers, and manufacturers.  Nearly 25 years after the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, it is time to update our trade policies with two of our most critical trading partners.  The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a comprehensive, 21st Century trade agreement that protects workers across the nation, establishes a level playing field among the United States and our partners, and encourages free and fair trade.”

Letter from State Lieutenant Governors: “As lieutenant governors, one of our main responsibilities is to promote economic growth, and under the new provisions renegotiated in the USMCA, we believe this agreement will benefit all our states and improve trade conditions for the business community . . . We believe the USMCA deal provides American workers and farmers with the necessary protections and framework for robust economic growth in the 21st century. We urge the passage of this trade deal and remain able and ready to promote its achievements.”

Texas Legislators: A group of over 75 Texas legislators wrote – “The trade landscape has shifted over the past two decades, and we are calling upon Congress to take immediate action to shape the future of global trade and provide a platform of modernization that will encourage fair market access, protections for workers, and the ability to further innovate under a collaborative agreement that is designed for the 21st Century. The USMCA positions our country for this next chapter and also allows Texas to continue to lead.”

Read all statements and releases here.

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